Greens Improvement Plans

Quote by Peter Jones:

"Knowing how important this topic is to each individual Greenkeeper, Greens Chairman, or person responsible for the greens at their own clubs, I can say with 100% confidence that we have a superb track record in this area of expertise.

If you want to hear about the results, then don't ask me, but ask the Greenkeepers, Club Managers and owners of Clubs we work with.

Our plans are based on a carefully considered appraisal of what can actually be achieved, over a given period of time, within a realistic budget, and the existing labour resource.

Giving that sort of precise and practical information draws extensively on a wealth of Greenkeeping knowledge, science, and an understanding of commercial objectives". PJ.

For more information, please phone or email and I will be pleased to talk to you in more detail about this important subject"..