Temporary Greens

"Why is it that some clubs use Temporary Winter Greens (Frost Greens) while other clubs do not? It's all down to individual conditions and commercial objectives. I am involved with clubs that do use temporary greens when needed, and some that never use them, and I am experienced in handling both sides of the argument and giving sound advice in the context of each individual club.

Q. Who should make the day-to-day decision about temporary greens?

A. The Course Manager (or his deputised staff) should ideally make the decision about these issues , in accordance with the policy that has been agreed with the Club officials. However, weekends can be a real problem as far as Frost Greens go, as the conditions often change as the day progresses, yet the greenkeepers are typically not there. Therefore it is useful for all concerned to have some flexibility within the system, helped by good communication and a mutual understanding of the Golf Clubs commercial aims and objectives.