Trolley Bans

Why is it that some golf clubs impose Trolley Bans and Buggy bans  while other clubs don't? It's a problem faced by many clubs in wet winter periods and each individual site will have a different set of circumstances. We deal with both, and understand the commercial objectives of keeping the customers happy whilst also protecting the course from damage, and have several tried & tested ideas of how to handle the situation.

Q. Who should make the day-to-day decision?

A. Hopefully, it won't be a 'day-to-day' decision, as this can create a problem for golfers who want to plan ahead.

This is where Club Policy and practical solutions can help to overcome the typical problems that many  golf clubs face during the winter. It pays to think ahead and plan ahead where Trolley Bans are concerned, and good communication is the key.

Management of the wear & tear on a golf course is very high on our list of priorities, and we generally advise that preventative maintenance measures are used for achieveing this in advance of any damage occurring. In this way, it can be possible to avoid the need for a total trolley ban to be put in place, as this can sometimes be counter productive or lead to discrimination issues.

New Powakaddy Winter Wheel - The dilemma of knowing whether to allow trolleys on the course on not in wet winter conditions is very dependent on individual course conditions, however the recent development of a new wheel for Powakaddy powered trolleys has been well received, and was developed in consultation with BIGGA.

There is a good full-page write-up on it in the November issue of the Golf Business Development magazine which you can read on line by going to  and scrolling to page 46.