Maintenance Regimes

Maintenance Regimes provide the necessary information to help meet objectives, helping everyone to understand and plan what is required in terms of resources, timing, and frequency of tasks and procedures.

They are often the 'roadmap' to help you get to where you want to be in the shortest time as possible using information that is site specific and relevant to each individual course.

PJA frequently prepare detailed Maintenance Plans for short, medium and long term improvements, including 5 or 10 year plans for golf courses.

They include: Tournament Preparation (a day-by-day countdown of specific tasks and objectives), Species Conversion (converting greens from Poa annua to Bent grass), Annual Agronomy Plans (detailing all the main tasks and applications required on greens, tees and fairways, on a month-by-month calendar. Nutrition Plans (for USGA and non USGA greens), Grow-In Plans (for the growing in of new courses and/or course improvements), Five Year Plans (to assist Club with identifying priorities and budget forecasts for course improvement projects).