New Golf Course Design

Formerly the Manager of Design and Maintenance for International Resort Holdings plc, Peter was responsible for new course designs for the company.

The design and recent construction of the Clandon Park Club in 2008 and 2009 demonstrates how the PJA design ethos has produced a brand new course which was relatively cheap to build and will be relatively cheap to maintain. The course has been designed to appeal to the growing pay and play market known as nomad golfers, and offers a range of difficulty from whichever tees the golfer decides he or she would like to play from.

It is a course that will appeal to beginners and experienced golfers alike, also catering for junior golfers and lady golfers which is potentially another growth market.

Ease of maintenance was a key concern for the new owners, but this did not compromise the degree of aesthetic quality or golfing challenge. The result is a course that was relatively cheap to build, drawing on the natural and existing features of the landscape, but which has incorporated low maintenance bunker designs and grass hollows to help reduce the maintenance costs.

Peter's main influences and inspiration in golf course design came from his time spent at  Denis Griffiths & Associates in Altlanta - (Past President of ASGCA and  designer of St Andrews Bay, Scotland), (, and also from time spent with Jim Engh (