Mentoring For Green-Keepers

"This is possibly one of the most rewarding aspects of my work and there have been some highlights which shouldn't  go unmentioned.

In 2004, for instance, Marcus Hamon - Head Greenkeeper from L'Ancresse golf course in Guernsey, was awarded a Silver Medal of Excellence by Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace, being one of only 19 medals to be awarded to City & Guilds candidates (from a pool of over a million candidates).

This was a first for the Greenkeeping industry and I am proud to have been Marcus's mentor through his City & Guilds qualifications and his time as an Acting Head Greenkeeper.

The qualifications, not to mention the award, ensured that Marcus was promoted to the position of Head Greenkeeper, and I also nominated him for Toro Student of the Year to boot.

I have continued working with the club since then and am pleased to say that Marcus is now a trained assessor and has helped three other staff at the club through their qualification."